Not all Medics were created equal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Did you know, that there are different levels of Medics in South Africa and that the vast majority of them are prohibited by law to practice medicine unless they are under direct supervision?
  • Did you know that it is illegal for any Medic to work for gain in any environment unless they are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA)?
  • Did you know that there are only approximately 500 registered Paramedics in South Africa and of this number approximately 40 practice in Cape Town?
  • Did you know that you are probably being overcharged for a Medic who is probably under qualified, under equipped and overrated?

Who is Mobile Medics?

Mobile Medics is a Private Emergency Medical Company who specialises in the provision of Medical Personnel for medical standbys. We are the Sister company of one of South Africa's leading Medical Supply Companies in the Western Cape and provide the State with free medical response.
Mobile Medics recently completed the highly publicised Fear Factor 1 & 2
series and will soon proceed with Fear Factor 3.
We supply our services to many of the largest production companies in South Africa as well as to many booking agents.

What benefit does Mobile Medics offer your institution?

1. State of the art medical equipment on all of our Emergency Vehicles

2. 4 x Defibrillators

3. 4 x Advanced Life Support Rapid Response Vehicles

4. 2 x ALS Ambulances

5. Access to EMS Helicopters

6. Access to EMS Aeroplanes

7. Medical Training

8. Highly skilled, experienced and qualified Medical Personnel of varying qualifications all of whom are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa as is required by law.

9. Permanent access to Medical Disposables & Equipment at highly discounted rates.

10. Specialist skills such as:

  • Steep Slope Rescue
  • SCUBA Rescue
  • Helicopter Rescue
  • Water Rescue

11. Medical specialties like:

  • Drawing Blood
  • Administering Anti Tetanus Toxiod Vaccine
  • On Set Suturing
  • Access to medication/disposables at discounted rates
  • 24 Hour access to Trauma Doctors
  • 24 Hour access to General Practitioners
  • 24 Hour access to Dentists

Who does Mobile Medics employ?

All staff employed by Mobile Medics are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). It is a legal requirement in SA that ALL people rendering Emergency Care for gain or otherwise be registered with the HPSCA.

Mobile Medics will only employ Medical Personnel

  • Who have attended a recognised Emergency Care Practitioner course and are registered with the HPCSA
  • Who have at least 5-years experience in emergency services
  • Who enjoy working in the medical standby industry and have at least 1 year experience in this particular field

Mobile Medics employs (full time &/or contractually):
National Diploma Paramedics
CCA Paramedics
AEAs (Ambulance Emergency Assistants)
BAAs (Basic Ambulance Assistants)
First Aiders

What is Advanced Life Support?

The ability to not only diagnose any lethal out-of-hospital condition, but also to be able to give the appropriate medication is known as Advanced Life Support. Only Paramedics are trained to perform Life Support in the
pre-hospital setting.

How important is equipment?

A camera operator without a camera is about as useful on set as a Medic without equipment. It is one thing to be able to be able to diagnose an injury or illness, but not having the right equipment means not being able to do anything about the diagnosis.

How important is reliability?

Mobile Medics guarantee that our Medics will always be punctual and that the Medics will have the appropriate (not necessarily the minimum) equipment.
We endeavor to provide you with Professional Emergency Care Personnel, appropriately qualified for your specific requirements at an affordable rate.

How do we equip our Medics?

All staff are equipped with:

  • An emergency trauma bag
  • An extremely comprehensive first aid bag
  • Oxygen
  • Spinal immobilisation equipment
  • Specialised water and aerial rescue stretchers when required
  • Defibrillator / ECG monitors when required.

All of this equipment is owned by Mobile Medics and is not subject to availability. Mobile Medics will carefully scrutinise the type of standby and provide the appropriate equipment and personnel. Our intention is to provide a service that delivers value for money.

Mobile Medics is owned and managed by Alan Tucker and Craig Northmore, who have been involved in the medical industry collectively for over 20 years. They are available 24-hours a day and will assist in managing any medical problems that arise on a standby. This includes advice on controlling the 'diarrhea' epidemic that occurs, the dentist that is urgently required at
2-o-clock in the morning etc…

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